Slash Stories

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Night Tide
My version of that 'first time'

Driving Me Crazy
Nick has a surprise visitor

Still driving me crazy
Sequel to DMC.

Captive Heart
Last part of the DMC trilogy

Insatiable (a trilogy)
Warning: contains violence

Songfic: A mortal Nick comes back to Toronto after ten years

Just one word ("How Lacroix got the shaft"-Challenge)
Sometimes even a vampire's memory fails...

Caught with a Flat
Nick has car trouble...

Gone with the Sin
Songfic: Lacroix ponders his relationship with Nick

Where has desire gone?
A 'real time' slash piece in cooperation with Illinois Jules

Will Nick keep his promise? (this is the sequel to two other stories,
"Fleeting Images" and "Eyes of Truth" which can be found in the Adult section)

Boys' Night Out
or really "Boys' Night In" with Nick and Vachon. Just some smutty fun, really.