The Evidence Series:

Warning: All stories in this series are slash, NC17
I. A Piece of Evidence
June 2003
Nick receives an unexpected visitor

II. Evidence of Love
July 2003
Nick and Lacroix face the consequences of their encounter

III. Lack of Evidence
August 2003
Nick and Lacroix enjoy themselves after their reconciliation

IV. Plain Evidence
September 2003
A series of dramatic events brings them even closer together

V. Circumstantial Evidence
October 2003
Nick takes Lacroix into protective custody

VI. Evidence of Trust
November 2003
Lacroix finds himself in a most unusual position

VII. Unexpected Evidence
April 2004
Nick and Lacroix take a vacation and Schanke makes some discoveries

VIII. Evidence of Fear
May 2004
Who is responsible for the bloodless bodies turning up in Toronto?

IX. Twisted Evidence
November 2004
Nat has to deal with an unwanted houseguest while Nick
investigates a homicide

X. Final Evidence
February 2006
A casual remark forces Nick to make a major decision