PJ's Stories

Here you will find my friend PJ's fan fiction. Some of her stories contain adult material.By clicking on the stories you declare that you
are of legal age to read them. See individual stories for details.

Disclosures - After buying an expensive piece of jewelry, Nick finds himself in the middle of a murder investigation
December 2008
PG 13

A Daughter to begin with - Lacroix and Janette meet for the first time
September 2005
Adult, NC 17

From Stranger to Confidante - A pre "Dark Knight" story
February 2004

Encounter with Destiny
January 2005
While browsing through her grandmother's belongings, Nick and Nat
make a discovery


The Art of Deception
February 2006
A homicide at the AGO takes an unexpected personal turn for Nick

Charade Unveiled
October 2003
A Dark NN Halloween Romance
Adult, NC17

When Nature takes its course
May 2007
Natalie makes a discovery that leads to a turn
in her relationship with Nick
Adult/Slash, NC17

The Darkness Series
Natalie finds herself drawn towards Nick's dark side
NC 17, mildly explicit

Conversion Day Stories
Stories written for Lacroix's Conversion Day

The Rewards of Courtship
February 2004
Nick and Lacroix strike a deal
NC 17, slash

In Times of Need
What if Schanke had not banged on the door in "Partners of the Month"?
slash, NC17

The Evidence Series
Nick and Lacroix reconcile with each other
slash, NC17
Resuming Relations
Five years after Nick and Lacroix have moved on, Natalie receives a visitor;
NC 17
Intensifying Relations
During her vacation in Rome, Natalie makes some discoveries...
NC 17

Encounter of the Crazy Kind
October 2004
What happens when you let a bunch of fans loose on the streets of Toronto?