Classic Stories

Awakening - a Memory Challenge story
Nick becomes mortal but doesn't remember anything after that night in Paris in 1228

The Traveler
While being on the run from Lacroix, Nick has a fateful encounter

Nick's very first hunt as a vampire

You Can Still Be Free
Songfic: Nick ponders his future after the events of 'Last Knight'

First Day of my life
Songfic: Nick starts anew after 'Last Knight' (sequel to 'You can still be free')

Casualties of War (PG-13)
The events of 'Night in Question' bring back unpleasant memories for both Nick and Lacroix

Highest Bid ( an "Unthinkable" Challenge story)
Nick does the unthinkable

Ghost of a Rose
Songfic: After almost twenty years Lacroix and Fleur meet again

A Special Treat (a Halloween Challenge story)
Tracy's planned birthday party takes an unexpected turn

In Your Dreams, Pal
A fan fic writer's nightmare?