Adult Stories

Warning: These stories contain adult material and explicit scenes. If you are offended by material of that nature or are too young
to read it, please leave now. If you go on reading you declare automatically that you are of legal age to do so.

Midknight Fantasies
Nat has a very special dream

Janette's Decision
What happened before Janette left Nick in 1519?

Fleeting Images
Can love be experienced second hand?

The Eyes of Truth
Can Nick take the consequences? (Sequel to Fleeting Images)

Will Nick keep his promise? (Sequel to Eyes of Truth - Slash!)

After Dark
Someone has a memorable encounter

In Urgent Need to Travel

A night of debauchery in Paris and an unwelcome surprise ...
This was written as a birthday present for PJ.
Although not entirely slashy, there is some in it.